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Holbein Acrylic (Acryla) Gouache 36 Color Set - 20ml Tubes - D418 (No. 6) 007418

Holbein Acrylic (Acryla) Gouache 36 Color Set - 20ml Tubes - D418 (No. 6) 007418

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Holbein’s Acryla Gouache paints are fast-drying, opaque, and acrylic based. Water soluble while wet, and after drying, water resistant, matte and opaque, even over dark surfaces. This family of paints is great for grounds and layering. Compatible with all water soluble media and featuring excellent light resistance.

This 36 color set includes the following colors in 20ml tubes:

Wine red Carmine Pure red Scarlet Opera Shell pink Orange Deep yellow Light yellow Lemon yellow Emerald green Leaf green Light green Green Sap Green Viridian Blue Green Turquoise Blue Prussian Blue Cerulean Blue Cobalt Blue Ultra Marine Blue Ultra Marine Deep Sky Blue Navy Blue Blue Violet Violet Red Violet Magenta Rose Burnt Senna Burnt Amber Yellow Ochre Neutral Gray No.2 Jet Black Titanium White

Product size: 40.21 x 21.01 x 2.79 cm; 1.45 Kg

Made in Japan

Shipped directly from Japan

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