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Kyoto Monju Bodhisattva Men’s Prayer Beads with Silk Fringe

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The item is a men’s rosary, which is a type of Buddhist prayer beads used for meditation and chanting. The Japanese and Sanskrit names of Monju Bodhisattva (the patron deity of the rabbit zodiac sign) are engraved on the parent bead. You can use it for any occasion, such as funerals, memorial services, or grave visits, regardless of your sect. Compared to stone rosaries, it is lighter and does not feel cold, and has a smooth and gentle wood texture that fits your hand. The tassel is made of high-quality silk, which has a good touch and is twisted into a ring shape at the end to prevent fraying and improve durability. It comes with a special paulownia box, which is ideal for storing the rosary as it has insect-proof and moisture-proof effects. It is a product of Kyoto Rosary Manufacturing Association, which is synonymous with high quality. It is made by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto who preserve the traditional methods of Kyoto and are known for their high quality.

The beads are made of pagoda tree wood, which is a high-grade wood known for its clear annual rings, beautiful luster, and use as a carving material, high-grade Buddhist altar, furniture, and architectural decoration material. It is hard and durable and resistant to cracking. It is also often planted in temples, shrines, parks, schools, etc. as a lucky tree.


Parent bead: 17 x 18 mm

Main bead: 12 x 13 mm

Two heavenly beads: 10 x 11 mm

Weight: 27 g


Beads: Wood (pagoda tree)

Tassel: Silk

Made in Japan

Shipped directly from Japan