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Marumiya Noritama Seasoning – 500 g
Marumiya Noritama Seasoning – 500 g

Marumiya Noritama Seasoning – 500 g

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One of the most popular rice seasonings in Japan, Noritama (a type of furikake) has been loved by Japanese since its release in 1960. In addition to nori (dried seaweed) and egg, there is a perfect balance of various ingredients like sesame, bonito flakes, and matcha salt. Comes in a zip-loc style container for convenient storage. Noritama is also commonly used as a seasoning for pasta dishes in Japan.

Ingredients: nori, processed chicken egg, lactose, sugar, wheat flour, salt, glue, processed soy sauce, processed fats and oils, koshian, mackerel shavings, miso, dairy products, extracts (chicken, seafood, kelp, dried bonito, yeast) , Seaweed calcium, palm oil, chicken powder, kelp, soy sauce, vegetable protein, chicken fat, dried bonito, grape sugar fructose liquid sugar, matcha, mirin, yeast, dextrin, reduced water candy / seasoning (amino acid), carotinoid pigment, oxidation Inhibitor (vitamin E), (including some eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, sesame, bonito, soy sauce, chicken).

Contents: 250 g x 2 containers = 500 g

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